10 Top Tips For A Perfect Wedding Day

1. Make a timetable for the morning of the wedding.

Hair, make-up, breakfast, bouquets and breath… the morning of your wedding can be a hectic one to say the least! The trick to making the hustle and bustle more exciting than stressful is to make out a short time table (and keep to it!).

2. Give directions with invitations.

This is one tip that a surprising amount of couples don’t heed. For peace of mind (and peace of sanity) on your big day, send any directions or info needed to all guests with their invitations, or put them on your personal website. People who take for granted how easy it is to get from church to reception or to get to the venue at all find themselves on their phones all morning telling their mates to take ‘the other right’. Knowing that you’ve done all you can to get people to the wedding means you need not worry. Amazing wedding locations near to us are Rockingham Castle Estate, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. LE16 8TH. 01536 770240. Rushton Hall, Rushton, Northamptonshire. NN14 1RR. 01536 713001.Highgate House, Creaton, Northamptonshire. NN6 8NN.01604 505505. Holiday Inn, Kettering, Northamptonshire. NN18 8ET. 01536 401020.Best Western Hotel, Corby, Northamptonshire. NN17 2AE 0800 387 6278. Sedgebrook Hall, Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire. NN6 8BD. 01604 821666. Crockwell Farm, Eydon, Daventry. NN11 3QA. 01327 361358. Barton Hall Hotel, Kettering, Northamptonshire. NN15 6SG. 01536 515505. Kettering Park Hotel & Spa, Kettering, Northamptonshire. NN15 6XT. 01536 416666. Dodford Manor, Northampton. NN7 4SR. 01327 349761.

 3. Your photographer.

Once you’ve done all your research and are happy with your photographer, you shouldn’t really need to be worried about getting the shots you want on the day. If you want a mixture of documentary style shots and posed pictures, make sure you have discussed this prior to the day. The best man is always helpful to your photographer and can make sure you get all the shots you want, from gathering groups of people to pointing out who’s who amongst the guests -just make sure the photographer knows who they should deal with for the day, and vice-versa. Make sure you allow time for some creative photography.

4. Make sure there are plenty of helping hands on the day.

This is an obvious tip, but one that is often forgotten; make sure somebody knows how to get you in and out of your dress! Assign someone to this task and make sure you do a quick dress rehearsal the week of the wedding so that your dresser is comfortable to take charge on the day. This person can also be in charge of having pins, and any accessories you may need on the day.

5. Create a perfect emergency bag.

You’ve probably heard this one before, but there’s a good reason for it. Your emergency kit will have all the things you might need throughout your wedding day, your chief bridesmaid who can do a few make-up checks throughout the day, apply a little extra lippy, or baby wipe any tears.

6. The Ceremony.

Take your time and allow yourself time to enjoy the whole experience. It’s the most important part of the day. Seeing your Bride/Groom for that first moment is wonderful. Relax and enjoy every minute.

7. Celebrating with all you family and friends.

Now, it’s time for the fun to start. Seeing all you family and friends together is special. Spend some time enjoying all their well wishes, you can now relax and enjoy your day. Your photographer will be working away capturing all those lovely happy moments. Time now for those must have family shots, followed by the romantic creative photography.

8. Arriving at your wedding venue.

All your planning has come together now, try and take a moment to have a look around and see what an amazing job your chosen venue has arranged for you. Now would be the time for any adjustments.

9. A rapturous welcome.

Its cheers all round for Mr. and Mrs., so enjoy your food and drinks, as you will probably be starving by now. If the groom is nervous, why not get the speeches out of the way first then you can relax and enjoy the meal.

10. Allocate time to spend with your other half.

There is so much to do during the wedding day, from the photos to the speeches and the first dance, it’s so easy to forget what the day is really about: two people taking a vow to love each other forever. Taking time to just be with each other, even for 20 minutes, will instantly relieve any stress you have on the day and remind you what it’s all about. Head outside during the reception for a few minutes and take a deep breath together, you’ll look back on those few moments when it’s all over and be glad you had them.